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Discretionary Managed Portfolio Service.

Not a fund – that’s right! Each private client has a personalized portfolio actively managed by money managers at the oldest private client stock brokerages house in London. Selective and focused value-investing in world markets – no frills, low fees, no derivative instruments nor hedge funds, healthy returns at reasonable risk and no guarantees.

Our objective is to achieve optimal total returns with low volatility at reasonable risk levels, rather than to track global market indices, by seeking out under-valued stocks, investment trusts, unit trusts and mutual funds. Each portfolio is tailored to meet individual client risk profile and investment objective(s).

Key Features

Active Management

All portfolios are actively managed to achieve total returns as opposed to simply placing client money into funds that often track various global market indices

Personalized Private Client Portfolio and Client Service

Each private client portfolio is individually tailored to meet client risk requirements and investment objective(s). Each client also has benefit of personalized client service from both the recommended brokerage house and Offshore Holdings Advisory Company Limited

Consistent Return

Actual annual average annual returns ranging from 8% to 40%

Reasonable Risk

Client portfolios are invested according to individual risk profile in world markets via investment instruments including: equities, investment trusts, unit trusts, mutual funds, fixed income securities and cash. No hedge funds, derivative instruments or real estate unless specifically requested by a client

Value Investor

Focused selection of under-valued securities in world markets


Superior to FTSE 100 and S & P 500 each year

Long Term Expertise

Our money managers each have over 30 years of expertise in managing private client wealth.

Prominent Stock Brokerages

The brokerages are a founding member of the London Stock Exchange with over 19 billion GBP under management. It is a listed company on the London Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of nearly 200 million GBP.

No Redemption Fee

Clients have 100% access to capital at all times with no redemption fee

Regulated by the UK FSA and Insured Against Fraud

All recommended brokerage houses are regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority and also hold minimum fraud protection insurance of 50 million GBP per private client

No Introductory Fee

1.5% Annual Management Fee

Share Dealing Fees at Cost

Tax efficient for expatriate and offshore investors

Each discretionary managed portfolio investment account is domiciled for the client in an offshore nominee trust account within recommended brokerage offices located on the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey. This ensures a tax free and/or tax efficient investment opportunity


Disclaimer - Important information
Note: This document is issued by Offshore Holdings Advisory Company Limited for information purposes only. No representation is being made that any investment instruments described within this document will or are likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. Past performance is not a guide for future results. The Discretionary Managed Portfolio Service described herein is ongoing. This document does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy investment instruments through Offshore Holdings Advisory. Offshore Holdings Advisory Company Limited accepts no liability from investors who rely upon any other information with regard to any investments. Investment allocation scenarios shown are for example only and may vary. Changes in foreign exchange rates may have an adverse effect on the value or price of the investment. Most account trading is denominated in British Pounds Sterling (GBP), though other hard currencies are utilized. The performance record shown is based on the actual audited results published by stock brokerage companies and provided to private clients on an ongoing basis. The Discretionary Managed Portfolio Service described within this document is subject to FSA regulation. Offshore Holdings Advisory Company Limited is incorporated in the Kingdom of Thailand under the Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations and was registered as such on May 22, 2001 with incorporation number (5) 868/2544. The investment service described within this document is marketed worldwide non-exclusively through Offshore Holdings Advisory Company Limited. Heath Norris, CEO and founder of Offshore Holdings Advisory Company Limited, holds a Bachelor of Science honors degree in Geological Engineering from the University of Idaho, USA (1982), an honors Master’s degree in International Management from the THUNDERBIRD American Graduate School of International Management, Arizona, USA (1992), and is a Certified Mediator in Business Dispute Resolution with the Supreme Court of the State of Virginia, USA (2000). He also is a Registered Representative - General Securities (FINRA) Series 7, USA) (2006) and a Combined Securities Agent/Registered Investment Advisor Representative (FINRA) Series 66, USA) (2007).
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